Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Ah, here we are, about a quarter of the trip under the belt.

I'm the moment I'm residing in the good graces of former Brunswick street housemate Clare Dowling and her flatmates Tom, Gary, and Tassiano. Musos, dancers, entrepenurs, and all around great blokes they are.

Getting into town was interesting enough. With only a rough map of the city in my atlas and an address I cruised into town and found my way to Cottsloe just on the beach, nestled just between Fremantle and Perth. Only running a half hour behind schedule I looked for the center of town. Meanwhile, Clare and a bunch of her mates were about to settle in at the local pub for the Tri - Nation's Rugby Australia vs. UnZud. She picks up her phone to call and find out where I am when a dashing red motorcycle pulls on to the same street and I see a manic blonde running through the parking lot waving. How's that for coincidence? So suffice it to say it was drop of the bike at the appartment and make the 3:30 kick off down at the pub. Then a house party and making some new friends before setting out to the club later that night. The best moment for me came when I wasn't allowed into the club at 3am because I was still in shorts. One of the eight Kenyans I'd met at the house party blurts out I GOT JEANS in DA CAR MAN, and in perfect unison the whole group starts singing the footballer's chant "OLE OOOOLE OLE OLE OLE OLE" as we march back to the car so I can get dressed.

Pretty darn good start to the week.

So I've been ammusing my self in perth - when it's not raining - by working on the bike. Fluids, filters, and changing out this broken coolant res. bottle, as well as trying to track down a new gear shift lever so I don't have to keep having the one I got re-welded. Ian over at Maddington Motorcycle Wreckers has been instrumental here, letting me change the oil in his shop and sourcing the shift lever for me (fingers crossed). He even had the res bottle from an 87 KLR hanging about the shop. Perfect fit. First class service, second hand prices. Love it.

Also trying to resurect my GPS unit which was forwarded to me. It seems to be working but needs a trial run. The rest of the week will be more of the same, lightening the load by sending warm clothing back to base in Melbourne and gearing up for some long days up the coast. BRING ON THE SUN! And of course some Salsa, Regaee and Funky Samba music out at the clubs the next few nights. All courtesy of this weeks flat mates from Sambalicious

Hard bein' me. I tell ya.


At 1:41 PM , Blogger Clare said...

What an awesome week of partying it was :) one I won't forget in a while!!
Take care Dusty and you be sure to spread to the world the art of salsa. Its a beautiful world.
lol, Clare xxx


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