Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Out of Perth...Sort of

Well as usual I've been trying to get back on the road after a week or "relaxation" with our old freind Clare and Co. and it's taken at least an additional 48 hours. I haven't been able to sort many of spares etc I needed for the next leg of the journey.

- New Rear Tire (last being replaced in Adelaide - it lapped the front!)
- New (1987) reservoir bottle.
- GPS unit has risen from the dead.

- replacing busted odometer
- replacing busted gear shift lever

I suppose we're at least leaning on the favorible side!

Perth is a funny place. I may have mentioned that it's quite suburban and spread out like our fair Eh-Marican towns, and that's seems quite lovely in that it's fairly clean and people seem friendly. However, these same people when asking you how you find Perth will invariably answer your question for you "Pretty boring huh?". What pittiful self asteem. I think it might be the season. I hear summer is the time to be here. And they must be right because I haven't had an enjoyable days weather since I've been here - nine days already!. It's inconsistency is marvelously consistent however. Every day is windy and it's going to have sun, sprinkles, showers and buckets. IN NO DECERNEABLE ORDER. Not very good for motorbiking or taking pictures (3 thus far). There seem to be plenty of surfers, and the pubs get good business though. When in rome eh? Did I mention I don't surf?

So with any luck I'll be out on the road tomorrow up the coast as far as Geraldon, and then up To Denham (Monkey Mia) by Thursday evening. We'll see though. My track record at leaving a major town in one mechanical piece is...yeah.


At 4:08 PM , Blogger Simon said...

You need to include a map so we can see where you've got to. Ideal would be a gps unit so the cops can track you easily...
Mum says you can have a shower and a warm meal anytime you ride in. Hope all is well,


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